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Corporate Training Services
London, United Kingdom and internationally

As well as life and career coaching, I also deliver bespoke, inhouse training. My background as a senior risk and compliance consultant means that I have extensive experience within the financial services industry providing leadership and technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Coaching
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Training and culture

The primary focus of my corporate training program is designed to enrich your business by developing happier, more productive employees. I analyse strengths, engagement and performance of key players within the organisation - both as individuals and as teams - to develop and advance core skills and behaviours. 

My role is to be available to the organisation in order to help you understand and develop overall performance and increase your bottom line. I will immerse myself within the organisation to gain a full understanding of culture and values, team performance, personalities and areas of conflict and management styles.  

Corporate Training

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I can help your organisation significantly with change management, in particular when a significant shift in company culture is needed. Below are some examples of typical projects that use a rigorous coaching methodology combined with management consulting tools:

  • Improving staff morale and motivation
  • Leadership workshops for managers
  • Increasing cross-team collaboration
  • Improving individual team performance
  • Restructuring within the business
  • Creating high-performing individuals

Your employees need to be consistently nurtured and developed in order to be at their most productive. They need to feel valued and understood by the leadership teams. I can help create and deliver in-house training programs at all levels within the organisations, in order to encourage positive team dynamics, improve personal development, rectify non-optimal performance issues and decrease stress and anxiety for sustainable increases in motivation and shifting the company culture into a more favourable light. 

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