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There’s a plethora of reasons why people just like you seek external assistance in improving their quality of life with the help of a life coach, such as feeling emotionally overwhelmed, suffering from depression or anxiety, unfulfulling relationships, the sensation of something holding you back, elevated levels of stress or simply the feeling that something is missing in
your life.

The personalised life coaching that I offer will provide you with a deeper understanding of these unseen elements that are holding you back. Your life coaching program will begin with a thorough, holistic review of your present situation. I’ll ask you questions and push you to look deep within yourself through various tasks and sessions to produce highly personalised insights. Your strengths, weaknesses, priorities, desires, goals, dreams and ambitions
across all areas of your life.

Once we have these insights, we can then identify and prioritise your goals, from which we will create an actionable plan for you to become a better, more content version of yourself by isolating and breaking through any self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

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Your coaching program may last up to 6 months, or longer, depending on your commitment, work ethic and desires. You’ll be pushed hard and will need to be committed to being held accountable to the goals that we set each week in our sessions. But you’ll also have all the support you need to stay motivated; when we work together, I’ll help you replace anxiety and fear with confidence, confusion with insight and be with you for every step of the journey.

We’ll have weekly sessions where we review progress, develop new insights and set new actions to get you closer to achieving your goals. But it won't just be a “check in once a week relationship” - I want you to come to me throughout the week in between sessions whilst you’re implementing the strategy and taking action. You’ll be actively encouraged to share any concerns, thoughts or questions you have, when you have them so that you can keep pushing forward, eliminating the need to hit “pause” until the next session.

There’s a reason why you’re here today. Something within you motivated you to come my website and now you have two options;

  1. Spend the next few years stuck in the same pattern, trying to figure things out for yourself.
  2. Be proactive and take the next step towards starting work on yourself with an expert to expedite the process of healing, taking action and being accountable.

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