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One to one programmes

As a life coach, I can help you achieve success in every aspect of your life with one of my personalised coaching programmes depending on your goals and ambitions. No matter if your desires are personal or career oriented, I can help you eliminate negative thinking, self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviours to help you become more successful, content and
maximise your potential.

The coaching programs I run focus on three core areas;

Each programme begins by taking an in depth look at your  current situation; together, we’ll take a holistic approach and review all aspects of your life through various mediums.


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One task you’ll be asked to undertake at this stage will be to complete a wheel of life, where you’ll be asked to rate your current happiness with various aspects of your life, such as;

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Home life
  • Money
  • Health

By breaking down these different parts of your life, we can begin to raise your self awareness and identify your priorities for setting goals.

Coaching programmes typically last between 3 and 6 months, and consist of weekly sessions, plus additional contact as needed. The psychology of the program is person-centred; it’s about what you want to achieve, your aspirations and how they can be translated into goals. As your coach, I’ll hold you accountable by setting actions for each goal. Through our sessions, you’ll be encouraged and pushed hard to hit those milestones every day and every week.

The journey we take together won't always be easy, because changing mindsets, behaviours and patterns of lifetime isn't something that can be achieved overnight - but positive change is absolutely possible, as my clients will confirm.

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