I have been an executive coaching client of Athol's for 6 months. I am a Board Director in an international high growth technology based firm which we plan to list. When I reached out, after my wife suggested it, I was working 16 - 18 hours a day on the brink of burn-out, was drinking 35 units of alcohol a week to relax, and life seemed to be spiralling. I am now in a much better place, I have more clarity, I have balance in my life and my career has developed even further with underlying conflicts with stakeholders finally resolved. I realised quite quickly that how I was thinking and reacting to situations played a huge part in how I felt and behaved, and how others were responding to me. I am so pleased with the coaching I have had, I have since retained Athol monthly to help me decompress and provide me with moments of insight I would otherwise fail to see. The support he has provided has been life changing.


I had never experienced Hypnotherapy before but had been wanting to try it for a while. After working with Athol, I am so glad to have done so! From the beginning, he has been nothing but patient and understanding to my concerns, explaining how hypnotherapy works and what I could expect. One of the main reasons I saw Athol was to work on some anxiety I had developed and I can honestly say, within a couple of sessions the anxiety had pretty much gone! I was so surprised about how powerful hypnotherapy could be. We worked on a couple of other things that I wanted to improve. I definitely see such a huge positive difference in me after my sessions, things that used to bother me do not have the same effect anymore. If you are looking for some life changing hypnotherapy, I would not hesitate to recommend Athol.


Thank you Athol for the hypno session you delivered on 17.09.20...it was an amazing experience! You were professional, confident, competent and your soothing tone and approach assured me that i would be safe in your hands addressing such a sensitive and deep-rooted issue. I left the session feeling positive and empowered and i have experienced a positive shift since then, be it early days. I'll be sure to send you an update in a couple months time to let you know how im getting on. Thank you once again :)


Athol Abrahams is a fantastic life, cognition and hypnotherapy coach. He is empathetic, communicative, intuitive and insightful, and he takes the time to really listen, understand and give practical help and advice. He has helped me find clarity and rebuild my inner peace, balance and self-esteem, and he has an incredible intuitive gift of healing.


I have really enjoyed working with Athol; he helped me become a much more positive person which has put me on course to achieve my life goals. I thoroughly recommend Cognition Coaching if you need similar support.

T Rler

I instantly felt comfortable speaking with Athol at Cognition Coaching and Hypnotherapy, he is very professional and takes huge pride in his work. Some days when I was speaking with Athol I felt down and frustrated but by the end of our session I was smiling and feeling uplifted. I have had 5 of my 6 sessions now and I have no desire to eat chocolate or biscuits which were my two main sticking points. For me personally, working from home had brought out the worst in my eating habits and I was eating for comfort and boredom to name just a few! I have lost about 4kg and I feel confident that I can reach my target in the coming weeks/months. I'm still in disbelief at my progress and whilst I'm not saying it was easy, without Athols help, I would not be writing this. Cognition Coaching and Hypnotherapy has helped me massively and I would encourage anybody to get in touch with Athol because you don't have to tough it out on your own. You will be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved.


I have been having sessions with athol for life coaching and hypnotherapy for the past six months. These sessions have been very helpful for various focus areas in my life which athol has managed to help me change for the better and see the light. A very knowledgable man who is highly recommended.


Athol is very professional and has great knowledge. Such a relaxing experience. If you are looking for hypnotherapy for any reason I would definitely recommend cognition Coaching and Hypnotherapy


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