19 Jul 2021, 16:40

I recently had an article published in an industry journal and thought it would be good to highlight some of the salient points to clients exploring coaching and hypnotherapy to deal with anxiety. I…

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Young Adults Life Coaching.jpg
12 Jul 2021, 12:04

An increasing number of young adults are finding themselves on the brink of adulthood and in need of life coaching.

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Career Change Furlough.jpg
18 Jun 2021, 15:02

Statistics indicate that almost 50% of the UK's population has been forced to furlough during the current covid pandemic. Leading to a large amount of people considering a career change.

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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss.jpg
4 Jun 2021, 11:06

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and the answer is unequivocally, YES.

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Why Executive Coaching.jpg
21 May 2021, 10:28

Executive career coaches ask questions, interpret your behaviour, conduct interviews, and eventually assist you with solving your problems or concerns.

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Decision Making.jpg
21 May 2021, 09:40

The primary role of an executive is making decisions.

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Imposter Syndrome.jpg
14 May 2021, 09:45

Executive imposter syndrome most often occurs among business executives who are responsible for making significant decisions and implementing actions that affect the company, its employees and…

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Weight Loss.jpg
30 Apr 2021, 10:22

Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy is therapy offering powerful techniques to help a wide range of physical ailments and emotional issues. It is designed to manage a patient's problem by changing the…

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During my time working at an executive level, I managed, coached and mentored individuals with very much a “hands-on” approach in some of the largest international corporations in the world, including ING and Atradius. I headed key business functions in Risk and Compliance, chaired management committees and regularly attended, advised, and presented at Executive Committees and to boards of Directors. I also mentored and coached start-ups and fintech’s, as well being a senior manager who built Vive Bank.

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