Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.jpg
17 Nov 2021, 13:09

If you’ve ever considered your weight loss options, chances are that hypnotherapy wasn’t one of them. Why not? Is it because hypnosis has traditionally been viewed as a stage show where you laugh at…

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Hypnotherapy Stress Anxiety.jpg
15 Nov 2021, 10:08

Anxiety and stress are on the increase in the UK. Their cloying tendrils can creep into even the most hardened mind, causing sometimes drastic behavioural changes and greatly affecting quality of…

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Hypno Techniques Weight .jpg
9 Nov 2021, 12:19

Hypnosis is very successful in making people lose their inhibitions and do crazy things in the name of entertainment. But did you know that it also has an excellent track record in treating numerous…

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Food Obsession.jpg
23 Sept 2021, 15:05

People who struggle to lose weight often believe they lack the willpower to overcome their food obsession. They try one diet after another. At some point, they think that they just don’t have enough…

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Hypnotherapy Sessions.jpg
10 Sept 2021, 09:56

Hypnotherapy is more than just a Band-Aid or an aspirin that works for a while to cover up a few symptoms. It’s a deep dive that tries to go beyond the superficial and address the underlying cause.

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Self Confidence.jpg
2 Sept 2021, 15:05

If you struggle with attaining your goals mainly because you think you are not good enough, your confidence and self-esteem are probably low.

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Wight Loss Mindset.jpg
20 Aug 2021, 09:52

Is your mindset for weight loss keeping you overweight?

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career performance.jpg
30 Jul 2021, 09:36

Career coaching can help boost your performance and improve your chances for a promotion or raise. It's a process that can help you identify the strengths you possess and develop them into critical…

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During my time working at an executive level, I managed, coached and mentored individuals with very much a “hands-on” approach in some of the largest international corporations in the world, including ING and Atradius. I headed key business functions in Risk and Compliance, chaired management committees and regularly attended, advised, and presented at Executive Committees and to boards of Directors. I also mentored and coached start-ups and fintech’s, as well being a senior manager who built Vive Bank.

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