Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

14 April 2021

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Firstly, I call it weight management and not weight loss. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that psychologically if we lose something, we try to find it again! Additionally, many clients seek to put on weight, and therefore the concept of weight management is an important distinction. So in my weight management clinic, either online, yes, we can, or in Horsham, we talk about weight management, or weight reduction, but not weight loss. I also don’t talk about dieting. I talk about the importance of good nutrition, behaviours, habits and calories.

For weight management coaching and hypnotherapy creates a well rounded intervention. We use the conscious mind to understand logic and triggers, and the benefits of nutrition and exercise. We then address, with the subconscious mind, causes, release, and relearning.

Most of my weight reduction clients display typical attributes. Poor diet, incorrect eating habits, emotions, issues with food textures, fussiness, lack of willingness to try a varied diet, excessive processed food consumption, eating beyond full, eating too quickly, binging and similar negative behaviours.  Really often, these patterns emerge during childhood or adolescence, and then become intrinsically linked with challenges around confidence, self-esteem and self-sabotage. 

Many of my weight gain clients tend to have a combination of poor eating habits, concerns around self-esteem and have body dysmorphia. Those who have Bulimia tend to have past trauma or issues around controlling environments. 

Whatever the symptoms, and embracing the work of Charles Tebbetts, the approach is consistent. We believe fundamentally in neuroplasticity, that is, the ability of the brain to develop new neural connections to alter behaviour, and in coaching terms the word “reframing” often comes up. 

So how do we really approach this?

  • Benefits approach – we work towards the sustainable benefits of change. This means we help you finally adjust your lifestyle, for good, so no more crazy diets or self-sabotage.
  • We identify the cause. In many cases the client is aware, or thinks they know. Truth is all causes need to be addressed. We use hypno-analysis or regression therapy. Simply, it’s a controlled and relaxed (disassociated) process of regressing to a time the cause manifested. So, find the cause, create acceptance, create release. 
  • In some cases there is no underlying causality, rather, there is simply a series of bad habits which have been learned, and need to be reversed. In this case, hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help reframe relationships with food. 
  • Aversion treatment – it’s very rare I use this method, but simply speaking, it is possible to put you off a particular food. Common for cakes and biscuits, as well as chocolate. Normally it’s a last resort and I only agree to it if that consumption is particularly harmful to your health. Of course, it’s also reversible if needed. 

What are the results?

  • This week, which prompted this blog, two clients lost 1 stone each, after 2 months of weight coaching and hypnotherapy. They are now going solo towards their target weight.
  • There is no extreme dieting, no starvation, just the creation of real motivation, better habits, positive mindset and lasting change. 
  • The benefits are target weight achievement, no yo-yo diets, a new relationship with food, body confidence, and feeling healthier. 

Okay, is there a catch? No.  

You simply need to WANT to make a change. If you want to change, for you, then hypnosis is a wonderful support for permanent weight management. 


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