Hypnotherapy for Phobias

14 April 2021

Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Phobias are common and include needle phobias, currently quite topical given the COVID19 vaccination programme. Of course, there are many others, such as fear of heights, the dark, spiders, flying in an aeroplane, open spaces, closed spaces, insects, textures, dogs, hospitals, woods, germs, blood, water, swimming and a whole myriad of others which can range from being uncomfortable, to completely debilitating.

Many people live with these limitations for many years without treatment because they aren’t aware hypnotherapy for phobias can solve these issues.  That’s true, because these behaviours are learned, and can be changed.

In many cases, they result from a traumatic experience, being chased or bitten by a dog, falling into water, seeing an ill person in hospital, receiving injections and many other causes. 

When this happens, we associate the event with a trigger, and a behaviour.  For example, seeing a dog is a trigger, it is linked to the experience of being bitten, and the fear is the behaviour associated with the event. 

When we treat fears and phobias using hypnotherapy, we can do it face to face at the Horsham Hypnotherapy Clinic, alternatively we can do it through a Zoom connection. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience, which desensitises you to the event, and disassociates the fear and the trigger. It is particularly powerful because these learned behaviours exist in your subconscious mind, and we create replacements or alternatives during hypnotherapy. 

For example, what if we allowed you to reframe needles with a lifesaving treatment which is welcomed and painless? What if we helped you see dogs as cute and cuddly best friends, rather than monsters with teeth? What if we changed your relationship with water so you can learn to swim, or swim once again? 

These approaches using hypnosis are common, and after a single treatment we expect to have positive and lasting results. If necessary, a couple of reinforcements before the event will sufficiently desensitise you so that you can be liberated from these fears and phobias. 

If you have a phobia, and want to address it, try hypnotherapy from an accredited hypnotherapist, such as Cognition. We are gentle, supportive, and can help you regain the confidence you need to overcome these limitations. 


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