Considering a Career Change after Furlough

18 June 2021

Considering a Career Change after Furlough

Statistics indicate that almost 50% of the UK's population has been forced to furlough during the current covid pandemic. Leading to a large amount of people considering a career change.

A furlough refers to a mandatory temporary long-term or short-term leave of absence from work. It is applied when the employer has insufficient funds for payrolls, or the workforce exceeds the amount of work to be done. Similarly, a furlough can be used in a pandemic situation that requires people to stay quarantined.

Perform a Self And Situational Evaluation

The best way to invest your time in a career transition is to reflect on your current furlough situation. This will assist you in setting a solid foundation to understand if it is the perfect time to switch careers.

Self-evaluation includes considering the reasons that push you to change your career. It would be best also to understand that the career transition would come along with its challenges.

You might be required to spend some time building specific skills for a successful job transition. Ask yourself if this is the right time to do so, or you will require some financial support by taking a short-termed job first. Similarly, consider the challenges and the benefits that may come along with the career transition. While changing careers can be time-consuming, stressful, and costly, it is still worth it if it will assist you in aligning your long-term needs and values.

Re-examine Your Job Role and Realise Your Potential

Determine what you will offer to employers as you prepare to search for another job during furlough.

Determine Your Skill Sets

Skill sets refer to the experience, knowledge, and abilities required to do a particular job effectively. It is always advisable to put down all your applicable skills when looking at a career change.

Consider the skills that fit precisely in your career industry and soft skills, like flexibility, communication, and teamwork are valued in any industry, they are relatively tough to teach than the hard skills like editing and coding.

Position Yourself for Success

A multipronged approach is the best to take to maximise your chance of getting a new job. Be aware of the growth opportunities as a candidate when refining your CV with excellent interview skills.

You might consider the skills to make you more competitive and some connections to establish for broadening your network. Always remain open to the sources of new skills and experiences.

Rework and Redefine Your CV

Focus on adding to your cv and then streamline it to remove any unnecessary information.

  • Relevant skill sets, work experiences, and certifications, the recently added or improved.
  • Format your CV in a way that highlights your achievements.
  • Use the relevant CV keywords to make your resume attractive to both algorithms and humans. Most employers do not go through all the resumes after collecting them. Instead, they use an applicant tracking system to sort out the various applications. These systems always sort out the resumes based on the keywords set by the employer. Ensure that your resume has the keywords that will qualify an applicant tracking system screening.

Do not include the following information on your resume:

  • Outdated old positions. Your CV is not a biography but a one-sheet sales document to open the doors to
  • Do not include, references available on request, this will date you as an older job seeker.
  • An indication of your furloughed status. This can complicate your application in the preliminary rounds.

Best Job Resources

Do not focus on a single resource, use various resources like job boards, networking connections, or social media posts.

  • Job search engines: These are websites that crawl employer sites and job boards. Typically, these job search engines list more job positions than the job boards. Some of the typical job search engines are Job Search on Google, SimplyHired, and Indeed.
  • Niche job search sites: These sites usually include all the positions that are absent on job boards or search engines.
  • FlexJobs: FlexJobs has vetted job openings for a monthly fee. It usually comprises remote jobs or jobs that can be worked on a flex schedule.
  • LinkedIn: This social media site provides job searching, professional networking, recruiting, and various job seekers' resources.
  • Employers' social media and careers pages

Sharpen Your Interview Skills

Sharpening your interview techniques is essential together with a professional presentation, whether you are meeting physically or virtually.

Prepare some questions that you may have about the company or position.

  • The position's typical day description
  • Position's biggest challenges
  • The company's management approach
  • Advancement strategies of the company
  • The company's values

In addition, you should avoid the following:

  • Asking when you can expect a promotion
  • Questions that suggest that you do not have any research concerning the position of the company
  • Rude and inconsiderate behaviours like checking your phone, consuming beverages or snacks
  • Negative and pessimistic statements about the organisation

Take your time planning a career change, is it a simple change of scenery or a complete career overhaul, above all finding the right job that fulfils you.

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps career minded individuals, just like you, who want a fulfilling career that utilises their strengths and complements their values and interests. By working with a coach, we can identify and establish your professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from career success.


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